Royal Blue Petroleum Trading LLC


Our mission at Royal Blue Petroleum Trading LLC is to excel in the trading and export of fuels, providing high-quality petroleum products to meet the energy needs of our customers worldwide.


Diesel Fuel Trading: We specialize in the supply of diesel fuel, catering to the fueling needs of construction companies, concrete companies, heavy vehicles, trucks, and other industries that require diesel fuel for their operations.
Grease & Lubricants Trading: We specialize in the trading of top-quality grease and lubricants to cater to various industries and machinery requirements.
Refined Oil Products Trading: We offer a wide range of refined oil products, ensuring superior quality and reliable supply to meet the diverse needs of our clients.
Asphalt & Tar Trading: We provide asphalt and tar products for construction and infrastructure projects, ensuring durability and exceptional performance.
Offshore Crude Oil Trading: We engage in offshore crude oil trading, facilitating the global supply chain and meeting the energy demands of our clients.
Offshore Refined Oil Product Trading: We trade in offshore refined oil products, ensuring efficient distribution and meeting the specific requirements of our customers.

Target Market:

Our target market includes construction companies, concrete companies, and businesses that rely on heavy vehicles and trucks. We aim to serve clients in need of diesel fuel for their operations, providing them with reliable and high-quality fuel products.

Future Vision:

In the future, we envision expanding our operations and entering the European market as a trusted supplier of diesel fuel. Additionally, we have plans to establish our own refinery to enhance our capabilities and ensure a steady supply of petroleum products. This expansion aligns with our commitment to meeting the evolving energy needs of our clients.

Partnerships and Authorizations:

Royal Blue Petroleum Trading LLC is proud to be an authorized dealer of ADNOC Petroleum Corporation, which is a government-owned entity based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This partnership ensures that we have direct access to premium-quality 10ppm diesel fuel, supplied by ADNOC, known for its exceptional standards and reliability.